Lifeless harbingers of the unspoken grandeur of royalty, natural stones have enlivened various architectural monuments, since time immemorial. Choice of great emperors in the days of yore, stones such as Onyx are now available to the masses, enabling them to convert their houses into little palaces, courtesy SkyClan Global Pvt. Ltd. A name to reckon with in the export of best quality natural stones. SkyClan Global are the leading Onyx marble stones exporting company from Pakistan. We are a leading supplier of these stones from Pakistan to the world market only due to our continued efforts for utmost quality achievement. We are also specializing in Onyx Marble Blocks sides cutter by Monolama and cut to size blocks.

Natural stones of Pakistan are acknowledged worldwide as best in quality, variety and color. Here Marble, Sand Stone and Onyx are found in exclusive colors and shades which are nonexistent in other regions of the world. We use modern techniques for producing and processing marble, onyx which has resulted in improved quality and our products are fast acclaiming appreciation in the world market.

SkyClan Global can export from Pakistan directly to the world-wide markets, like United States, Europe, China, Middle East and Far-Eastern markets keeping on competitive prices at the best quality materials.

A varied range of products provide the architects & designers a variety of high-quality building stones to work with. We provide Onyx, marbles and other stones, which can be useful in many places such as in flooring, kitchen, bathrooms, in making sculptures, for construction, as table tops and many more.

Quality and customer service are our foremost concerns. We employ the most efficient and modern machinery to process the stones. We follow rigid quality control procedures, from the quarrying stage to the packing stage. We are dedicated to total customer satisfaction.

We look forward to the opportunity to furnish your specific requirements.